Download FIFA 19 Offline MOD Android

Download FIFA 19 Offline MOD Android

Download FIFA 19 Offline MOD Android

Download FIFA 19 Offline MOD Android

Hello friends how are you all hope everyone is very good
Friends, today I will tell you how to play FIFA 19 Android in the Modified version of FIFA 14 on any Android device. Here you can get all the updates of the FIFA 19 Android new updates.  

The new transfer of all types of players. You can also get English commentary. Which is usually not easily available in very rare rays. If you follow my steps, you can play this game with English commentary. You can also get the Game of the Week. That is, some special games for every week that did not play before.

You can also log in to this Google Play Games from this game. That means all kinds of error problems have been fixed.  And if you want to play the game, now I'll tell you what to do.

Download FIFA 19 Offline MOD Android

Friends, I've given the link of the game below to download the game files. And this game has three files. You can download files. Now after downloading the files, you have to do a job, open the Play Store, then search for ZArchiver and apps link below. You can download it from here.

Friends go into the swelling where the download files have been downloaded. One important thing to say is that you have to download three files of the game and if you download a file then if you try to encrypt your file will not be extracted. And so all the files must be downloaded because a file is linked to another file

And friends will download files and put them in a folder 

  • then click on Part One.
  • Now click on the extract here
  • And, check the password well
  • ATZAndroidTrickZoneFIFA19

You must give this password and if the password is wrong then your file will not be extracted. And, after downloading the zip files, do not change the name of those zip files. Because of the name changes, the zip files will be broken

It will take five minutes to unzip the zip file. And after the file is extracted, the game size will be 2.4 GB so your device memory 3GB should be empty.

After extracting the friend's file, you will see three files: FIFA19 APK, FIFA19 DATA, FIFA19 OBB.

Friends, first click on the APK file and then install the APK. After installing the APK, click on the FIFA19 data file. After going into this folder, you can see a file like 

  • cut this file.
  • now Go to your device memory.
  • Go to Android folder
  • Go to DATA Folder
  • paste in here

Now again in the folder where you have downloaded the file of the game.
Then click on the FIFA 19 OBB folder.
After going into that folder you can see a file like

  • Then press Long in that file
  • Click in the cut.
  • Now go to the device memory.
  • and go to the Android phone 
  • And go to The OBB folder and paste it here.

Then, your problem will be played without any further problems

Friends, click on Customize after the game is open. I'll show you the proof that the English commentary has been added. Now click on the audio. Now, see the English commentary on the speech

Download FIFA 19 Offline MOD Android 

Please tell the comments about how the game is like to you. And do not forget to share it with your friends

ZArchiver :- Click here

Part 1 :- Click here

Part 2 :- Click here

Part 3 :- Click here

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